Client:     Grafill
Dicipline: Art Direction, Visual Identity, Typography
The National Norwegian Design Awards called Visuelt, is the largest annual visual communication contest in Scandinavia. The event includes a creative contest, award ceremony and a final exhibition. Visuelt is hosted by Grafill - the Norwegian organization for visual communication. [ ]

Physical construction of a typeface is central in this year's identity, which is based on the conceptual aspects of visualizing a process. Inspired by the work of artist Rebecca Horn. The project uses a human "add-on" and transforms the body into a communication tool, used to create typography.

Art Direction & Design: Ludvig Bruneau Rossow, Director, Comp / VFX: D’Tox v/ Knut A. Helgeland, Costume design / production: Jeanette Bruneau Rossow, Cinematography: Knut Aas, Knut A. Helgeland & Eskil Waldenstrøm, Music & Sound design: Simon Matthew (Koèju), Model: Kaja Johannessen, Studio: Krypton Film v/ Jørn Broll og Inviso/Blinck, Stillsphoto: Christian Melstrøm, Casemovie: Alex Asensi, Grafill: Benedicte Ebbesen Paulsen & Eva Boldermo Bergan
→ The Creation Suit, designed for Visuelt by Treches Berlin
→ The Stroke Generator allows the user to vary between three different stroke lengths. These stroke lengths became the basis modules for creating the typeface.
→ The Visuelt typeface photographed from above.
→ Text animaton ideas.
→ The Visuelt catalog presenting the contest winners was handed out at the exhibition opening.
→ The Visuelt exhibition at R21.