Client:     Grafill
Dicipline: Art Direction, Visual Identity
The National Norwegian Design Awards (Norwegian: Visuelt) is the largest annual event within visual communication in Scandinavia. The event consists of a two-day seminar, a creative contest, the award ceremony and a final exhibition. [ info: ]

The creative industry constantly interacts with the human senses. The identity explores the theory on how a conceptual idea can shape graphic design. It was developed around specific objects which are conceptually based on the creative event, and which finally constitutes fictional worlds.

Art Direction & Design: Ludvig Bruneau Rossow, Photo: Christian Melstrøm, Film production: Ida Thurmann Moe, Andreas Grøtlien & Jørgen Kluver, Animation: Mads Hornsletten, Sound design: Marius Ergo, Grafill: Marianne Lind, Benedicte Ebbesen Paulsen & Eva Boldermo Bergan
→ Reaching arm foil and the Visuelt poster.
Eye ball = Contest submission

Regaring the contest all communications were based around the sight sense.
→ Eye test chart / deadline poster.
The Visuelt Catalog

A 140 page catalog presenting the contest winners, that was handed out at the exhibition opening.
The Press Room

Videos shown at the awards ceremony, annoncing contest winners and jury statements.
→ Award show category introduction.
→ Graphics inspired by test images for different screen based devices.
→ Award show category introduction.
→ Exhibition view. Foto: Tanja Steen
The Lecture Room

The seminars are about learning, participating in workshops and meeting friends. They were therefore presented as a classroom-setting focused around the hearing sense.
→ introduction vignettes for speakers at the Visuelt seminars.
→ introduction vignettes for speakers at the Visuelt seminars.