Client:     Norwegian Property / The Kistefos Museum
Dicipline: Art Direction, Visual Identity
Date: 2015
"The Building Kit" – It took about two weeks to assemble Tomás Saracenos' installation "Sundial for Spatial Echoes", located in the main-buildings' atrium at Aker Brygge. (Reference). This is one of Aker Brygges' most visible and busy places. Although the assembly took place at night, one could clearly see that the installation grew from day to day and that the atrium was less organized than usual.

Inspired by this, the visual concept for the launch-identity was called "Art Under Construction". Origami-paper-statues were created based on the installations' pentagonal shapes. These were used to tell the same story about the assembly in advertising and invitations. The establishment of the installation was a collaboration between the sculpture's owner, The Kistefos Museum and Norwegian Property.
→ Tomás Saraceno is inspired by sustainable future visions and is known for his striking installations that combines art, architecture and science. For his sculpture "Sundial for Spatial Echoes" he found inspiration in nature, creating this 25 meters tall abstract cloud installation.
→ Image from the assembly of the sculpture. Photo: William Flatmo / Kistefos
→ The walls of the atrium was foiled with the installation's "building kit".