Client:     Riksteatret
Dicipline: Visual Identity, Web
Date: 2012
Project made while working at Bleed in collaboration with: Creative Director: Dag Solhaug Laska, Service Design: Kjell Reenskaug and Castilnano Simoons, Project Manager: Marie Steen.
Riksteatret is the Norwegian National Touring Theatre. The brief for this project aimed at renewing and repositioning the brand to increase its audience among culture enthusiasts across the whole of Norway. Since theatre and drama in Norway is still perceived as somewhat elitist among the general population, our intention was at negating this misconception and creating a more direct expression. The result manifested itself in a renewed brand that appears contemporary and ambitious yet does not sacrifice or compromise the traditional and longlived visual identity of the prestigious theater.

The visual concept for the Riksteatret identity is derived from the usage of bulletin boards — a timeless provider of information, as relevant today as it was a hundred years ago. The logo, which is inspired by a poster was built upon a flexible rectangular format. The four outer corners are suspended by a thick frame as well as the letters R,I,K,S (meaning "national" in Norwegian). This dynamic framework allows room for different and versatile expressions per production, depending on the communicative intention.
→ Repertory folder for autumn 2012. Image layout inspired by bulletin boards.
→ Spread from repertory folder presenting a theater performance. Illustration by Kristian Hammerstad.
→ Spread from info folder.
→ The shapeshifter frame logo adapts to all mediums and formats.
→ Alternative version of the logo. To be used when the frame-logo is not suitable.
→ Responsive website conceptually based on bulletin boards. Check out
→ Ticket purchase displayed on different devices.
→ Play page displayed on different devices. Check out
→ Logo mounted on the theatres service-garage.