Client:     Norwegian Property
Dicipline: Visual Identity, Typography
Date: 2014
Project made while working at Bleed. Project Manager: Marie Steen.
Monier is a brand new office building in Oslo that is planned to be finished Q2 2015. It is located at an old historic industrial site named Thune, and both the property and the development project is owned by Norwegian Property. The building is drawn by A-lab architects.

The Monier identity is based on the architecture of the building itself, which is cubist and rudimentary solid. The idea for the logo is derived from the three different window shapes found throughout the facade of the building. The window structures are in my opinion the main characteristic of the Monier building. For the logotype, we created a custom typeface inspired by the original signage on the construction site. The alphabet was redrawn in three different widths to fit the three sized window concept of the Monier.
→ Visual concept based on the buildings three different window shapes.
→ Pattern composed of different variations of the logo.
→ Logotype inspired by original signage on Moniers construction site, called Thune. Alphabet redrawn in three different widths to fit Moniers three sized window concept.
→ Signage and wayfinding designed to fit the buildings three dimentional cubistic style.