Client:     Norwegian Design Counsil
Dicipline: Campaign Identity, Art Direction
Date: 2014
Project made while working at Bleed in collaboration with: Creative Director: Dag Solhaug Laska, Graphic Design: Joakim Jansson, Project Manager: Marie Steen, 3D-graphics: Mads Hornsletten in Øyedrops.
The Award for Design Excellence is the leading award for design in Norway and is given by The Norwegian Design Council. The award is granted in recognition of successful use of design as a strategic tool in product development and market communication.

We did the art direction and made the visual concept on the awards identity from 2013 to 2015. Here, showing the campaign made for 2014. With the physical room as the fixed red lining of the project, we played around with different concepts for how the overall visual language would change each year. The different concepts where based on common modern stereotypic clichés, such as the lightbulb as a symbol of good ideas, and a helium-balloon representing the state of dreaming. The branding of the project was split in two, one part targeted towards the design businesses, while the other was directed towards the students.
→ Award for Design Excellence neon light installation used under the award show and exhibition. Installation made by Benny Lund.
→ A collection of category bumbers used for the award show.
→ Neon light and helium-balloon concept used for decoration on the award exhibition.