Client:     Lavafilm
Dicipline: Visual Identity, Typography, Web
→ Custom typeface «Lava Sans Avec» in use. Photos by Richard Eriksen.
Date: 2011
Project made in collaboration with graphic designer Henrik Wold Kraglund.
Lavafilm is a film company based in Oslo, Norway. They make films for advertising, fashion and contemporary art.

Their identity, explores the interaction between the classic and the contemporary. We experimented with a solution, where the sum of the visual elements are the cornerstones of the identity, opposed to the standard, where the logo stands out as the most important element. The concept for Lavafilm's identity is inspired by natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. During an earthquake, solid objects will divide and move to random positions. This has been the basis for the development of our solution.
→ Custom typeface «Lava Sans Avec» in use.
→ Interactive mini-factory used to illustrate the current studio activity. It grows when hiring people.
→ One of the main identity elements is a custom typeface called «Lava Sans Avec». We have explored what happens when combining a serif font with a sans serif.
→ Lava Sans Avec. We wanted to test how far it's possible to explore different styles without compromising familiar similarities. «Lava Sans Avec» results from the merge of two of the mostly used fonts: Futura and Times New Roman.