Client:     Arctic Paper
Dicipline: Book, Visual Identity
→ The book on display in a Korean bookstore.
Date: 2011
Project made while working at Studio 3 in collaboration with: Creative Director: Paul van Brunschot, Graphic Design: Camilla M. Lykaas, Mari Grafsrønningen, Maria Hammerstrøm and Kristian E. Sjølie.
Hyperactivitypography from A to Z is an activity-book for typographers. It is illustrated in a nostalgic vintage style to give it a sweet and childlike look. The book is packed with activities, ranging from silly to hardcore nerdiness. Who said typography had to be stiff and boring? The book was published on Die Gestalten Verlag in 2011 and is available worldwide.
→ All the pages in the book is illustrated in a nostalgic vintage style.
→ A spread with assignments. Practise lettershapes, name the typographic term, nerdy typography jokes, and more…