Client:     Formulæ Perfume
Dicipline: Visual Identity, Typography
→ Conceptual illustration of the imaginative Formulæ pharmacy.
Date: 2013
Project made while working at Bleed. Project Manager: Marie Steen.
Formulæ is a perfume brand and a creative collective. Sharing a great passion for their work, they focus on a traditional, hand-made approach while paying close attention to details. Combining unorthodox ingredients Formulæ aims at creating unique scents with a high-end feel. The visual concept for their identity is inspired by the historic connotations on fragrance itself, back when perfume was once a healthcare product only sold in pharmacies. The visual language of health and medicine products, in its essence direct and serving the sole purpose to information, was used to create an easy recognisable identity with a repertoire of few graphic elements.
→ The custom typeface BB. Perfume is a display typeface designed exclusively for Formulæ perfume. The typeface is a monospaced neo-grotesque based on the evenly-spaced grid of old letter boards. To make the kerning work, all the characters in the alphabet uses the same width. The typeface only consists of capital letters and are intended for use on headlines and shorter passages of text.

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→ All letters in the alphabet uses the same width.